Thursday, August 6, 2015

June Favorites

I know I am lagging behind - wayyy wayyyyyyyy behind, but - to be fair - I did share my June Favorites over the Facebook page for you all! I hope every reader is following me there because the page is pretty active and has one thing or another going on <3

Belated Eid Mubarak to y'all, and with that, let me re-share the June Favorites with some insight on why they're featured here:

Boots Botanics Mascara - BROWN - For a sparse eyelash person like me who neither has length nor sports enough volume on her natural lashes, brown mascara was a buzzkill. However, I was determined to put this one to good use and... guess what! It doubles very nicely as a part of my brow grooming routine. When I am in a hurry and do not want to meticulously draw & fill the brows... This becomes a life saver in making them look voluminous and frame my face well. It stays put for most part of the sweaty heat we have had here, but be careful not to rub and smudge it too hard. Love this for keeping my brow game strong :)

Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder - I never had good experience with "loose" anything - no makeup product has ever gotten in my control if it is in a jar and a has a loose form. Be it eye glitter, bronzer, foundation, or blush. That was my first turnoff due to most mineral makeup lines. I did not immediately take a liking to this one either. However, this has travelled with me and stayed nice and close in keeping my slick-shine at bay. The powder is luxurious and finely milled. It doesn't get cakey at all! This was one of my first Laura Mercier products and I have adored how "high-end" this feels like <3 More on this in a review post coming soon!

Masarrat Misbah Liquid Lipstick - MAGENTO - This is what a love-hate relationship looks like. Difficult, complicated... yet beautiful & unwavering :-D I have come to accept liquid lipsticks for what they are on me... overly drying & matte. By those standards, Magento was a wonderful experience (if and only if you apply a thin even layer over your lips). The color is so very gorgeous that you HAVE to swatch it one time AT LEAST! The staying power is beyond amazing as well. The only little complaint remains that my lips are not very forgiving when it comes to fine lines. I can apply lip primer and balms, still.. it is hard to fight the natural you. The fine lines come raging back. Regardless of that, I love the velour-like finish this has. Very velvety and even. Less is more with it! Oh and I must say it again... AMAZING Color! Nothing what appears online :)

MAC Cremsheen Lipstick - CROSSWIRES - The one which I wore / reapplied on my Baraat ,3 Such a connection Crosswires and I had <3 I rediscovered its lovely coral-yet-mute effect this Summers and have been reaching for it ever so often during June. The lasting power of cremsheen finish is not at par with the matte or amplified ones, but still lasts a good few hours on me. You may check out its dupes in my stash on the post MAC Dupes on the blog :-)

Real Techniques Complexion Sponge - When my Beauty Blender and I parted our ways, there was a sponge-sized hole in my heart that needed to be filled. I toyed with the idea of getting more Beauty Blenders, but decided against it at that moment... (UPDATE - I got 'em on sale :b ) .... Meanwhile, RT Sponge has been a great substitute. To me, it performed better dry than wet and helped buff in my occasional foundation. The BEST usage for this was for applying powder products - which I never realized with the Beauty Blender. Even if I switch completely to the BB for foundation/concealer, this shall forever be in my stash for the powder application <3 Should I do a comparison post? Let me know!

Phew! Here you go with my little elaborate thoughts on the products I shared previously on my Facebook. If you are not following my Facebook and Instagram, please do! There is a tonne of fun stuff that happens there.

Currently, we have a Giveaway going on sponsored by Maquillage! Looking forward to your participation <3



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  1. i always wanted to pick crosswires but dont know why i never picked it...definitely picking up this time im going to the counter!


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