11 Things You Did Not Know About Me

The Beauty Finds just got nominated by the lovely Gul of Gul-e-Zehra's Blog to complete a tag with 11 questions that will cover 11 facts you may not know about me. I share tidbits of my life on social media, but these questions will definitely offer more insight into the author of this blog... me in Just a click! ;)
Without further ado, here are Gul-e-Zehra's tag questions being answered one-by-one:

1. Who/What is your biggest inspiration in life?

If I were to generalize, my family is my biggest inspiration as well as motivation. I learnt:
- Intellectual exploration and an achiever's attitude from my Dad
- Patience and dedication from my beloved Mom
- Unconditional love and lion-hearted bravery from my Brother
- Adaptability and composure from my Husband

2. What inspired you to start blogging?

I have expressed my views on this previously as well, but to share it again: I had always been curious and creative. I recently discovered that makeup/beauty is a facet of creativity and I felt like I can write about my learning & experiences in a light-hearted manner. Voila! The Beauty Finds at your service!

3. Your top 5 beauty picks?

You know what would have been easier? Asking my Mom which child of hers does she love more :P Anyhow, I would say sorry to my beloved makeup in advance - these picks are entirely based on products I am currently using more regularly than others, the may not necessarily be the Holy Grail products for me:

(1) MAC Retro Matte Lipstick in Ruby Woo (affcorse!)
(2) Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown
(3) Benefit They're Real Mascara
(4) Inglot 77 Black Eyeliner
(5) NARS Blush in Orgasm

4. If you could travel the whole world, what 3 destinations will you pick first and why?

World travel... *sigh*... I wish I could unleash my whole bucket list here. What I would pick FIRST:

(1) Jerusalem, Israel - The city has religious and historical significance for Islam, Christianity, Judaism. I am fascinated by the rich ancient architecture. Since there is limited information about it, I would like to explore the place for myself.
(2) Moscow, Russia - Another elusive city I am intrigued by and would like to see it in its full winter glory. Although the sub-zero temperatures will surely call for layered mink coat and an Ushanka - another thing I look forward to :P
(3) Alaska, USA - Talking of sub-zero temperatures, I'd love to witness the Aurora Borealis or 'Northern Lights' in winters. Ah, such a DREAM! Something I desperately wanted since my childhood. I read up about these in an encyclopedia - man! what an incredible phenomenon that is <3.

An alternate version of this list would include the Vatican City (the history and culture), New Zealand (adventure sports for the hubs - lol, never for me though), Cairo (the Pyramids), Morocco (rich ethnic culture), New York (shopping in the Big Apple), Switzerland (the beauty and chocolates), Seoul (contemporary architecture and Korean beauty products) <3 <3 <3 

5. What is your current obsession?

Exploring my creative traits. I'm in the process reverting to things which I either abandoned or paid no heed to since I was caught up in studies & job. Now, even with the hectic schedule, I am making time to see how far can I stretch the creativity in me. That includes... but is not limited to, writing a book, sketching portraits, fabric painting, furniture design, dress designing, canvas painting, etc. Some of these things I have been blessed enough to complete. Thankfully, I am motivated enough to follow through with the rest of the projects. Beauty blogging has sorta taken a backseat for now, I feel. It's that middle child with developing abandonment and anger issues :-P

6. If you are given an opportunity to make your own makeup product with your favorite brand, what would it be and why?

If it were to be done internationally, I'd pick MAC for its variety and presence in all countries. Moreover, it is a seasoned brand known for its Limited Edition ranges. I'd launch a duo-chrome highlighter of a sort which can mimic natural contour-highlight in an all-in-one powder. More like creating an illusion of curves. If it is for Pakistan, I would prefer creating a brand of my own. I'd like to make a primer that would even out the bumps and scars on the skin. It would have to be high-end because R&D would be going into making a good product that our market lacks, but it will certainly give people confidence to wear makeup on an even texture of their skin that has been disturbed by the recurring or long-gone acne scars. 

7. What  do you like the most about blogging?

Honestly, I love every stage very much. From the photography and editing, trying a product and taking notes, writing a blog post, reading comments to the feedback from readers... and eventually getting recognized by a small community of people who do grace my blog with their frequent readership :) It's all a blessing and I cherish every moment of it.

8. Who are your top 3 bloggers and Youtubers and why?

It's a known fact that I absolutely love Christine from Temptalia. A beautiful & dedicated blogger who is not into fake-y wannabe stuff. She's highly educated and has come a long way from just practising makeup looks and posting them online to being a full-blown beauty index for the world. Temptalia is THE blog for me. After that first spot being affixed, I don't have any particular ones at second and third places. In general, I love reading up on European and Australian blogs more than the ones from States. Some of my favorites are Pixiwoo, So Lonely in Gorgeous, The Happy Sloths, The Sunday Girl, Dolce Vanity, Tattooed Tealady, Carli Bybel, Beauty Broadcast, Vampy Varnish, etc.

9. Do you have a signature makeup look or fashion style? What is it?

Sure. It is the homeless druggie look :-P So much in vogue. When I am not channeling Phoebe on the streets, you would find me in shalwar-kamiz with flip-flops sporting clear flushed skin, minimal hooded eyes, strong brows and a bold lip.

10. What is your biggest achievement in life?

They meaning of achievement changed at every stage of life. Alhamdulilah and Masha'Allah, God has been very kind in that regard. I have been supported & loved by the family to be an academic achiever from school through MBA. Medal-holder, youngest in my batch, first to bag an international job, etc. All because of my parents' hard work and dedication into making me who I am today. Being an adult, I now realize that an 'achievement' is not a one-time big thing, but a state of contentment with what you have. In that regard, bagging a supportive & loving husband and in-laws would be an achievement, Masha'Allah :-) Gets you through tough times... surrounded by the right people who appreciate when you take charge and are readily available to offer support when you fall down. That is, again, God's kindness to have blessed a not-too-nice a person as I am.

11. What will be your advice & guiding points for young bloggers?

Knowledge is power. The more you read up on and experience different beauty products, YouTube videos, and blogs... the better you will be in your understanding of makeup & skincare. Not everybody is good at everything, but you should have the inclination to adapt and improve. Being original is what you should aim for, since plagiarism is a wave you can only surf only for a while. Commit to the readers and create what THEY want instead of the PR or generic overload. Networking among other bloggers always helps, but you don't have to fake-like anything because pretense will also exhaust in a short time. More so than anything, keep an OPEN and POSITIVE mind. I am the most judgmental and sarcastic person rigid in my ways. At least, I was. Blogging let me open my mind up and "accept" the differences. Just because you and I are a certain way, it does not give us the authority to impose our priorities and perception on somebody else. Courtesy counts ;-) !

That's all, folks! I really hope you enjoyed reading about random things in my life. Thanks to Gul-e-Zehra once again for the awesome tag <3 Do visit her blog and show some love!

It's time to tag some beauties for the "11 Things You Did Not Know About Me" to keep things going. I'd love to know you all a little better:

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The tagged bloggers are requested to complete the tag by answering the following 11 questions and publishing on their blog with a link back to The Beauty Finds :)

1. If you have an option to wear a certain makeup product/brand PERMANENTLY on your face (without any side effects, of course), what would that be?
2. Which local or international celebrity carries 'your' fashion & beauty style?
3. Share one trait/habit/achievement of yours that you are immensely proud of?
4. If you could get a chance to meet some historical or family figure in a dream, what would you say/do?
5. If you could eliminate a certain beauty habit or trend from the world, what would that be?
6. What beauty product never worked for you, yet everybody else raves about it?
7. What is the cheapest holy grail product of yours?
8. What beauty habit of your mother/grandmother have been passed on to you?
9. What career or life aspirations from your childhood were so absurd that you laugh on them now?
10. What the best/most favorite act of charity for you?
11. What is the dark-side of beauty blogging?

I am excited to read your responses! Hopefully, you guys will publish real soon! Much love,




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    Chaste & Beautiful

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    i will be posting mine soon inshallah :)
    ***hugs & kisses***

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