Makeup Revolution RADIANCE Radiant Lights Palette

Hey, buds! We're all smitten by highlighted cheeks, right? From subtle glow to a 1000-watt bulb, we have our preferences somewhere on the spectrum. I started off by liking in-your-face type of highlighter effect. I was not to be blamed - who wouldn't get mesmerized by those ethereal brides that Natasha's Salon shared on social media? I was awe-struck. 

However, as I matured into making wiser choices, I kept bold highlighting for semi-to-formal events only. In other days, I was on the hunt for finding something as subtle as an illuminator, but in the form of a powder. One recommendation was the Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette - since the price of that one would burn a volcanic-crater-sized hole in my wallet - I was intrigued by what Makeup Revolution had to offer in its Radiant Lights Palette. The VIVID Baked Highlighters had been used by me previously, so the bar of expectations was set real high. Let's see if this newly launched palette by Makeup Revolution lived up to the hype:

Makeup Revolution RADIANCE Radiant Lights Palette retails for PKR 1,300 at Reforma.PK in Pakistan. Although the Makeup Revolution products retail at Daraz.PK as well, but I have not been able to spot it in their products as of January 19. It is a highlighter palette which claims to deliver "instant radiance" with "soft and natural illumination" for a "sophisticated" look. The outer cardboard packaging is a sleek rose-gold metallic finish that looks chic and shiny. Being the nail-biter that I am, I had to wrestle a bit with the cardboard packaging to open decently. It was slippery, at first, but I did succeed, eventually. One small observation that might be indirectly related to this as well. You need to hold the palettes with a little care because the shiny cardboard packaging is prone to slipping from the moist hands or loose grip. That's not a packaging fault, rather a question of personal attention. Why is it even remotely relevant here? Because highlighters are generally more prone to breakage as they take a fall even though the outside packaging looks sturdy enough. Let's hope we don't get ourselves in the fumble, tumble, and jumble mess :-D The back of the packaging has ingredients mentioned for your review.

Inside, the palette is made of black glossy plastic that does not appear cheap or flimsy. Good thing, its snap closure is pretty slick and you won't feel any rattle. The plastic surface of the palette, however, is susceptible to finger marks. Inside, there are three round pans of the highlighters and a mirror on the upper lid. 

As the palette claims, these are definitely very smooth and natural as compared to those in-your-face intense highlighters. I do appreciate both kinds of highlighter, depending on the occasion/need. 

From L to R, these are Breathe, Exhale, and Glow.

In the pan, Breathe looks like pale skin with pink undertones. It has no glitter particles, but a satin powder finish.
Exhale is lighter than Breathe, but with more cool-toned peachy glow. It is right in between the shimmer and satin finish, no glitter particles.
Glow is an orange-bronze shade with warm undertones and micro-glitter particles.

For reference, I am NC20-25 skin tone. In the arm-swatch, you can see how these look on my skin. They're pigmented and buttery, so they can be easily swatched using your finger or brush. While the color payoff is great, it definitely allows you to build the color up in layers if you wish so. In all, it can be anything between a sheer wash of color all over your face or be a noticeable highlighter on particular areas of face. The diffused look is what they do the best. Hence, the claim of sophistication holds true. Moreover, in terms of tools, I have experienced no issues with these whether I used fingers, Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, blush brush or a fan brush to apply these on my face. The powders blend beautifully. 

All those who are hoping for this to be the dupe of Ambient Lighting Powders by Hourglass would want me to answer the million dollar question - Are they a dupe? I do not own an Ambient Lighting Powder to share a side-by-side swatch, but I have tested them out on few occasions. Their smoothness and undetectable glow on the face make them a much-raved high-end product. While Breathe and Exhale are close contenders to perform in a similar manner on fairer skin-tones (NC15-30), duskier skin tones might not garner the same results with this palette. Breathe has been used all over the face as a foundation setting compact powder by me. In Summers, it did not show noticeable results because my skin would become an oil slick any way. In less humid weather conditions, however, it helped making my matte foundation photograph as luminous. I applied Breathe as an undereye highlighter, but did not find it effective in ensuring longevity of the concealer or the foundation. It is my favorite shade of the three and looks gorgeously natural on the cupid's bow and down the bridge of the nose as well. Exhale was best used on the cheeks for a more intense version of the glow-from-within look. When in hurry, I can even sweep the shade under my brows, in the inner corner of the eye or even on the eyelid for a more polished look. Both Breathe and Exhale help in achieving a diffused glow on the skin without making the pores more obvious. On good-skin days, I sometimes layer these up on the bare moisturized skin too and love the outcome. Glow is least used by me because it equals as a bronze highlighter. Those who wish to warm the face up with a bronze glow might find this more helpful. For desi skin-tones, it can double a sun-kissed blush/highlighter. The presence of micro-glitter does not emphasize the pores, but they do travel all over your skin. Breathe and Exhale visibly last for almost 3-4 hours. Glow more longevity than these two, but it cannot be applied all over the face

Overall, it's a great product that is to remain in my stash. It does deliver onto the sophisticated natural glow claims. I can't vouch for the product's performance beyond NC30 skin tone, but the fairer complexions can surely benefit from the illumination. It will most definitely benefit the beauties with oilier skin to do subtle strobing with a fine powder highlighter instead of a liquid product. If you expect to set your foundation/concealer or control oil with it, I am afraid, these will not serve that purpose. These do not claim so either, so can't blame. I would, however, recommend that Makeup Revolution comes up with perhaps two-three different palettes that would cater to people of color. 

Makeup Revolution Radiance Palette is available at Reforma.PK for PKR 1,300. Have you tried the palette yet? Would you like to give it a go for a smooth dewy look that does not take you overboard?

Let me know in the comments below <3



Disclaimer: This post may contain PR samples given for review. The opinions expressed are unbiased & honest depending upon my experience.


  1. i like the fact that it doesnt have alot of glittert effect which i prefer very helpful i might even giv it a go thanks sweets

  2. Dang! I so wanted this palette. ;____; I am into that sophisticated glow lately but I don't think it'll go with my medium skin tone..

  3. Really liked the swatches .. would love to give this a try .. thank you for sharing ♡♡

  4. This is the best thing that happened to me! I love thhis pallete more than my marylou

  5. These look absolutely gorgeous!! Although I'm not sure if I would dare to set my foundation with it thanks to my combination.

  6. Wow! Great review. I'm totally sold and now craving this. One thing though, I wonder about the Beyond Radiance one. Do you think an NC-25 will be able to pull off Beyond Radiance?


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