Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Getting-To-Know-Me-Better Post

Hello lovely ladies ( and gentlemen, perhaps? :-P ) !!

I'm dreading this intro may sound like the ones we all did in our childhood speeches - "Respected madam, dear teachers and all my fellow students...etc etc etc" type. So, let's keep it short & cute.

I'm Bia. A 20-odd girl with newfound love (becoming a serial-buying addiction) for cosmetics & retail therapy. "The Beauty Finds" my dip into the fascinating world of beauty & lifestyle blogging. With a parallel life full of professional and personal struggle, I intend to make the blog my alter-ego.

Wow, it came out darker than I expected :-D No red flags here! It's my first shot at the blog after months of procrastination, so I'm learning and developing a personal blog style. For now, there's going to be a quirky blend of everything ME that (hopefully) everyone can relate to.

To all those beauty bloggers out there, you've all been an inspiration to me. Yes, I've been the quiet stalker of your blogs - mesmerized by all the vibrant swatches, insightful reviews, envy-inducing makeup collections, stellar outfits & eye-catching accessories. Above all, I sincerely appreciate your EFFORT that goes into taking time to buy, use, photograph, film, share, edit, read, review, and manage everything that goes behind a single blog post. *applause*




  1. sounds good :) and what fun! Im an online shopping addict (yikes!) and can totally relate to what you're saying.
    Happy Blogging!

    1. Hi5 on the addiction! :-) Shopaholics anonymous :-)
      Welcome to my blog and as the first comment, it'd always be cherished!

  2. heeey!! such a nice post. and Bia your blog is soooo cuuuttee i feel like eating it. it reminds me of candy hehe. Good Luck babe!!
    following you =) follow me back pls?

    1. Hello Ana! <3 Thank you so much for appreciating! Haha - Candy!
      Just signed up to follow you as well ! Cheers

  3. Nice blog i am totally going to follow

    1. Thanks, Anum! It really means a lot :-)
      You can also stay updated via www.facebook.com/thebeautyfinds

  4. Nice post and it is nice to know about you Bia :) I am also a Makeup Addict and just have started blogging a few days ago :)
    heres the link :) it would be immense pleasure if you visit it and follow it :)


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