Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk

Retro & quirky packaging? Count me in! I've always given full marks to UK brand Soap & Glory for their packaging (sadly, which they've now changed). So, is the "book" as good as the "cover"? Read along to see if it lived up to the blogger-hype.
Before my first Soap & Glory purchase, I did an extensive online research to check what's the best-suited product for my needs. That makes me sound rational? Well, I am not. HereIf I buy something expensive that I normally don't use, I start using it out of guilt. Please tell me I am not the only one who does this! :-)

Anyhow, I neglected cleansing, so why not "invest" in a pricey cleanser - and Voila! The Beauty Broadway had one of its late-night flash deals going on and I took the plunge to be the proud user of "Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Wash-Off Deep Cleansing Milk". This is the old packaging of "Peaches and Clean" because S&G recently revamped their whole range (not impressed by drab white new packaging), but more on that later in another post. Here's what my experience has been like using the product for 6 months:

The packaging is lovely retro pink 200-ml plastic pump bottle with catchy claims all over. Much 'entertaining' to read these instead of boring "Lather. Rinse. Repeat." type of content. The size will last for ages. If you use it daily, 4 months would be the average. For all us lazy people with lack of cleansing discipline, it'll last longer (yay?)

In terms of usage, I take pump-and-a-half to massage on my face, avoiding the eye area. To be more specific, I'd been using the cleansing milk three-way:
  • To take off heavier make-up (liquid foundation with primer and loose powder)
  • To cleanse the oily residue from my face in insanely hot/humid weather (especially when I neglect basic face-washing manners on the weekends. Don't judge.)
  • To soften my skin before occasional at-home facial routine (due to its exfoliation properties)

The consistency of the product is not too runny or too thick, so it's ideal to dispense controlled amount of product with minimal wastage. The pump twists into a "lock" which is a big thumbs-up for all those who like to travel with their cleansing super powers. 

With ingredients like "Peach Extract, Quillaja Bark, Jojoba Oil, Detoxyboost Technology, and Poreshrink R2", the cleansing milk claims to brighten the complexion while purifying the skin. The plastic-peachy fragrance of the product was initially a turnoff for me, even when I'm fairly indifferent to fragrances in products. I won't say it's a deal-breaker, but I'd prefer if it were believably peach than chemically so. With frequent usage, the scent didn't bother me after a few times.


Soap & Glory's Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk does an awesome cleansing job. Your face actually feels like it has been cleansed thoroughly after just 4-5 minutes of massage and wash. Makeup comes right off with the cleanser, but I do use cleansing face wash or wipes just to be sure. Occasionally, I do get the light-bulbs-on-cheeks glow with this and my face wash combo, with a little push from healthier routine as well.

Do I Love The Product?

Mmmm... No. I like it as a friend. 
Best friend, but not the love of my life. 

What! Why!? What have I not given you?

The whole packaging conveys a sweet, soft product. But this lady does have a tantrum. If your skin is sensitive, you would not be able to massage longer than 2-3 minutes because the ingredients are quite strong that they might turn you face tomato-red. I was using the product and was distracted by something, so had it on a little longer than I usually would. After I washed, some angry red patches stayed on my skin for 10-20 mins max. They were not itchy or anything bad. Just red-pink marks that vanished without any special attention. My skin is not highly sensitive and it just happened once or may be twice since I am using it. So, be careful if that's a dealbreaker for you. To be fair, the new packaging has slightly improved formula, so I don't know if this remains to be an issue.

On a brighter side, the product SHOWS you it's working on your skin :-) Just have to be a little careful if you have sensitive skin.

The price of Peaches and Clean is GBP 8.00 in UK with the new packaging. The photographed cleanser might be available via resellers online. People in Pakistan can purchase through custom orders from authentic Facebook pages or Just4Girls.pk. I purchased mine from The Beauty Broadway.




  1. hey very nice detailed review, welcome to blogging, following your blog.

    1. Thanks for your appreciation :) Really excited about blogging :)

  2. wow.. awesome review...love it
    i am following ur blog

    1. Hey Aleena, thanks!!! :-) I was just reading your review of Queen Helene Mask :) Following you back!

  3. Love the way you write. So peppy and cheeky. Your reviews are also quite in-depth.
    Goodluck for the blog :)

    1. :-D I'm happy that it doesn't appear like a desperate attempt at humor :D Thank you so much for your appreciation, Naqsh!

  4. Peaches and cream? Sounds yummy! My sister is a Soap & Glory freak, definitely recommending this to her. Btw I really love how you write ^_^ it's really amusing and fun to read. I think you shouldn't be using this product everyday since it has exfoliation properties. Maybe that is why you had those rashes.

    1. Thank you so much for your appreciation! Please do ask your sister what should I try next?
      And it's fine as long as I dont keep it on my face for more than 2-3 mins (as a mask) - and that I did once/twice :P

  5. such a detailed post and I also have tried the soap and glory products and I really love there smell :)\

  6. This one didn't have signature S&G smell, so i was a bit disappointed. The other products have such nice fragrance, I agree :)


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