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The Beauty Finds Under PKR 250

I'd like to share my absolute beauty steals for everyone on a budget. For convenience, the products are limited to the ones available in Pakistan - stores & online - without special orders. Let's get to it, shall we?

Disclaimer: There are many obscure, unbranded and replica items flooding in our market. While they may work for some, I wouldn't endorse them due to lack of experience about their availability & safety. The exact prices are not mentioned because they vary from one place to another - rest assured, they ARE less than our PKR 250 mark, as per my last-retrieved information. :-)

You'd see a lot of Makeup Academy (MUA) brand in the list. It's a UK brand available through Just4Girls.pk. While the mentioned products may be out of stock at the moment, you can inquire about their next shipment - which keeps coming. Brands like e.l.f., Jordana, L.A. Colors, L.A. Girl, Wet n' Wild are excluded from the consideration because of availability and their $1-$2 products converting to more than PKR 250 in Pakistan - unless, of course, if some seller puts them up on sale.

The products marked with asterisk [*] have not been personally used, but recommended as per the experience of friends, family, and fellow bloggers. No copyright infringement intended. 


Color Studio Professional Soft Kohl Pencil - Since it smudges incredibly on my eyelids in heat and humidity, I resorted to using the Dark Brown shade VERY lightly for my brows. For best results, use it if you have medium-to-heavy brows. For you artsy DIY folks, take the lead/kohl of this pencil and heat it mildly with Vaseline in a small pot to make pigmented brow wax. Manage proportions for pigmentation.
BeCute Eye Pencil* - These pencils are not too creamy, so they double as eyebrow pencils very well. Tip: Fill with a powder eyeshadow for natural look and comb your brows with a little bit of Vaseline.

MUA Waterproof Mascara* - MUA has different types of mascara. The ones above our PKR 250 mark are the better ones, to be honest. However, if you're looking for cheap daily black mascara that holds up your curl, MUA Waterproof Mascara can be it. A word of advice - it is not absolutely "waterproof", so proceed with caution.
MUA Mascara - The only mascara I would recommend from this is the Shade 01, which can be used for your eyebrows.

Hashmi Kajal (tube & stick) and Olivia Kajal* - Both deliver intense black for your waterline and beyond. They're best set with black eyeshadow for longevity and smudge-proofing. However, a little smudge looks naturally chic.

Pencil Eyeliner: 
Miss & Mrs. Black Eyeliner - Good smudge-proof results on upper eyelid. Not so much in waterline. Steer clear of its jumbo pencil version, that smudges BAD within 30 minutes.
Essence Kajal Pencil - 04 White for waterline (although that doesn't suit my eye/skin :$). The colored versions have good pigmentation, but they have less staying power. 2-3 hours on my lids.

Liquid Eyeliner:
MUA Liquid Eyeliner* - The black shade is not the darkest (which you can fix by layering some black shadow or a creamy pencil), but all you glitter fans, the shimmery glitter shades are very nicely pigmented and last 4-5 hours. Although, don't confuse it with the MUA Glitter Eyeliner - that one is a waste.

Cake Eyeliner:
Christine Cake Eyeliner - It's not a gel eyeliner (like I mistook it myself in the beginning), but a dry 'cake' of pigment. You dip the eyeliner brush in bit of a water and use it as eyeliner. The pigmentation is good, but needs some layering to be opaque. Unlike gel eyeliner, this is not waterproof and you need practice to perfect your skill for a flawless application (at least, I needed to :-P) before it bored me and I tossed it somewhere. 

Gel Eyeliner:
BeCute Gel Eyeliner* - When I was perfecting my "kajal" skills, I saw a girl (who turned into one of my really good friends) in the university washroom using an eyeliner from a small pot. A defined cat-eye, she 'painted'. And later in the day, when I was a sweatball with racoon eyes, she looked like a superstar stepping out of her makeup trailer. [This does seem like the storyline of every beauty cream AD till now :D] Few days later, I had a chance to talk to her randomly and got to know her raving review of BeCute Gel Eyeliner. I spotted it at a local makeup store for Rs. 175, but didn't buy because I didn't even know how to hold the brush steady. Hoping that it's still around.

False Eyelashes:
Artmatic Lashes - Ranging from dramatic to natural, these eyelashes will suit your 'type' and budget. These are widely available in Pakistan, although not every place will be carrying the full range. I've come across only 3-4 of the total varieties till now.

MUA Single Eyeshadow - These are some of the most gorgeously cost-effective eyeshadows that are raved online for their color payoff and longevity. There is a wide range for you to choose from - from matte to glitter, they have it all for about PKR 200 each.
The Essence single eyeshadows are slightly off-budget (PKR 280), but they can be your next-to-best bet since they're available in-store through Essence counters all over Pakistan. Christine single eyeshadows cost around PKR 100 and they're available at many stores, but their staying power is a big question mark. If that's not a concern of yours, do give them a try.
Glamorous Face 24-Eyeshadow Palette* - Their makhmali+matte eyeshadow palette is one of the best friends of our makeup artists and ladies attempting creative eye makeup without breaking the bank. The 24-shade palette covers different bold & neutral eyeshadows with a satin and shimmer finishes. The pigmentation can be amped with the wet brush, if needed. The eyeshadows are available through all makeup counters across Pakistan.

Eye Primer:
DIY Eye Primer* - Since we can't find eye primer within the set budget in our part of the world, I found some interesting homemade eyeshadow primer 'recipes' online. You can Google these yourself, but the basic idea is to mix body butter, foundation, and concealer in a small jar following the proportions and use it on your eyelids before applying eyeshadow. Some of the precautions are - not to use this with product(s) that might be expired, not using scented body butter with sensitive eyes, etc.


Pond's - I'm a huge fan of Pond's Pure White facewash (the black one). It cleanses and brightens my skin so well that I'm currently on my 3rd tube. The other variants like Oil Control and White Beauty are also mild on every skin and decent for the price paid. Definitely a good buy.
Clean & Clear Essentials Foaming Facial Wash - It's a cult favorite and the very first facewash I ever used. It did require moisturizing to be done. A good starter face wash that "cleans" the skin. No huge claims by this one.
Garnier - The Skin Naturals and Pure Active range come under the budget. Out of which, I've personally used the Skin Naturals LIGHT facewash even before its official launch in Pakistan. The citrus-y ingredients don't suit everyone, but if you're not one of them - this facewash would do the job for you. 
Himalaya* - I've never used a Himalaya product yet, but if I had to begin with anything, it would most definitely be their Purifying Neem facewash.

Clean & Clear Moisturizer Essentials - It's a light everyday facial moisturizer that doesn't leave a residue. Fortunately, it didn't break me out either. So thumbs up for a smaller packaging which you can toss in your bag as well.
Pond's White Day Cream - I agree that it's not a moisturizer, but during Summers, this has kept my combination/oily skin happy without turning it slick. 
Vaseline, Nivea, J&J Baby Lotion, Fair & Lovely, etc. are widely used. I find them more relevant in Winters. They would not be my first recommendation, but for budget constraints, it doesn't hurt to opt for these favorites.

Blesso Cucumber Cleanser - In my university days, I kept skin care to a bare minimum. a) I didn't know anything about it and considered it as a wastage of time. b) I'd rather spend the limited pocket money on food :-P A dear friend of mine told that she uses Blesso cleanser on her arms and feet due to the scorching tanning dusty sweaty university summers :-/ Since it was so cheap, I tried it, and it REALLY does the job of keeping your arms and feet clean & white :-P It also did an Okay job over my face too. I didn't have any benchmark to compare it with then, though.
Clean & Clear Acne Clearing Cleanser* - Thankfully, I've never experienced acne, but some very rare zits. Folks experiencing breakouts can give this a shot under budget especially when it has salicylic acid to prevent & treat your skin conditions. It's pocket friendly cleanser for a general regimen- unless of course, you opt in for some dermatologist recommended cream/gel.

Everyuth Walnut Scrub* - If you love the coarse walnut feel of St. Ives Apricot Scrub, this one is going to be a winner within your budget. It exfoliates your skin without being harsh or irritating it. Although, if your skin is super sensitive and you like very fine scrub particles, pass on this one. It's going to be the part of my next J4G haul, I'm sure.
In the olden times, Hollywood Style USA and even St. Ives scrubs fell in this range as well, but that ship has sailed :-/ Please add in the list, if you've some superstar scrub in this budget!

Blesso Lemon Peel-Off Mask - Back in the university days, this mask was my go-to for pore tightening/closing after rare incidents of taking facial steam :-) It does not promise any miracles, but would purge your skin of the loose whiteheads after the steam/scrubbing session. P.S. I loved how nicely it would peel off! Yeah, one of those weird inexplicable pleasures of life. :-)
Everyuth Orange Peel-Off Mask* - Now this has two versions - the Golden Glow and Naturals. The first one has fine glitter/shimmer. These don't both or leave a residue, but a lot of us would have our qualms with that. Both of these are reported to have strong chemical orange fragrance which might be a turnoff for some. Overall, the results of removing dirt & dead skin are decent for the bucks.
If your skin does not respond well to citrus ingredients, these might not be the best options for you. 

Clean & Clear Toner Essentials - No.toner.can.EVER.come.close.to.the.AWESOMENESS.this.one.is. Yes, I do feel strongly about this! This has been an absolute love until we just drifted apart - amicably :P The price & the performance can not be beaten. Even some of the expensive ones - I'm looking at you PKR 2000-Merle-Norman-Toner - underperform in comparison to this one. The packaging might be small, but it does last you a long while. I've not tried this for mattifying properties, but only the "dirt-cleaning" from my face, hands, arms, feet :-P

It's something I wouldn't recommend that you go *this* cheap on :-P That would have its repercussions, sadly. Christine & Glamorous Face USA do have their stick, aqua or cake versions of bases, but I'm not satisfied by the feedback. 

MUA Hide & Conceal Stick* - It comes in a twist-up (lipstick-like) packaging and the upgraded formula is said to have better performance. However, the undereye area needs to be moisturized, because - like all stick formulas - this can crack and crease if not blended properly.
Glamorous Face USA Under Eye Corrector* - It's a screaming orange colored undereye dark circles corrector. The texture is not too creamy - so moisturization is a must. With our Asian skin tone, the orange corrector is appropriate. Don't apply too much product and layer it well before applying your regular foundation on top. This would work the best for people who have visible dark circles.
Quick tip which I read somwhere - "If in a hurry, you can use the hardened/residual foundation in the cap or the clot in the pump for concealing".

MUA Blush (cream & powder) - These might not be the most longlasting ones, but they sure are superbly pigmented. Now when I say they don't last long, I mean it in comparison to say Tarte/NYX/MAC ones. They still last 4-6 hours without fading. The rest depends on the weather and your skin type as well. Can't go wrong with the shades!

Makeup Revolution Blush [NEW] - I recently got around trying Makeup Revolution Powder Blush. Boy, were they AWESOME or what! For just PKR 225, you get to have pigmented & long-wearing powder blushes in basic shades. They're a must-have product for y'all!

Face Powder/Contouring:
MUA Pressed Powder - Although it's a pressed powder for buffing or setting your foundation, the darker shades double for light daily contouring. It needs reapplication to amp up the pigmentation after 5-6 hours, but that's okay for something that costs around PKR 200. It's compact plastic casing, so you can easy carry it in your makeup bag. It blends like a dream and you can't possibly go wrong with this in the budget.


Lip Balm:
Labello - Moisturizing in both the regular and tinted versions. Although I personally find the chemical smell of Cherry version overpowering.
Neutrogena - My all-time favorite no-nonsense lip balm - love love love!
Vaseline - Apply this overnight and have soft smooth lips in the morning.
Palmer's - Another nice buy, but the cocoa scent is again quite overwhelming for my liking.
MUA - One of the most pigmented lip balms in this price. The HOT LIPS is an absolute perfection for daily casual wear.

Lip Liner:
Essence Lip Liner- I've used these in the Nude, Pink, and Red colors (can't remember the exact shades right now) and they've wowed me! I can use them as the lip color (and top it off with a gloss) or layer them underneath lipstick for longlasting color - either case, They've stayed on brilliantly for 5+ hours (without meals). If you drink/eat proper meals wearing these, they do not completely wear off and leave a stain.
Color Studio Professional - Their nude lipliner has been my go-to last Summers, it withstands the heat and my constant chattering quite well. This might not be as good for me as the Essence ones, but it doesn't fall behind much in terms of longevity. Although with this, I had a couple of instances where I topped it off with a gloss and it slid onto my chin a little. I can't say if it were due to the gloss or my liner :-/ 

Lip Gloss:
MUA Sheer Lip Gloss Tube - All shades of this have little tint that doesn't show on pigmented Asian lips. I've found these to last for 2-3 hours on liners without slipping. They don't have expensive non-tacky feel to it, but they do give you the bang for your buck. I've never been able to have unbranded lip glosses last on me throughout my teenage life :-/ They always slid onto my chin. Gross.
Rivaj Clear Lip Gloss - It has dazzling 3D shine and effect for maximum 1 hour. After that, it would diminish somehow. Probably because I have that lip licking habit. Having praised its effect on lips, it does feel heavy and sometimes uncomfortable - the kind you wouldn't want on your lips on a windy day with open hair :-)
Miss Rose Lip Gloss - It had a nude shade which was insanely pigmented for a cheap lip gloss. The pigmentation wasn't opaque like a lipstick, but it did make a subtle nude effect on lips with heavy kajal eye look - my signature (like everyone else's) in the teenage life.

Here's the category with the most drugstore gems. Their performance varies according to the color, finish, and several other factors. I wouldn't go in the details, but list the very best that I've personally used or wish to use soon
MUA - Shade 13 is my absolute favorite. Shade 1, 4, 7, 14 are really nice as well.
Medora - True Red, Real Red, Gold Opal, and Full Fuschia are very pigmented & gorgeous.
Swiss Miss - I don't know if the brand is still around, but that's what my Mom used since her teenage and they're the only Frosty finishes that have ever flattered my features.
BeCute - Great packaging for a budget lipstick. Good longlasting shades, the browns seem more interesting.
Glamorous Face USA - Good for mattes. Frost and Glitter, not-so-much.
Atiqa Odho* - I've seen these on Atiqa herself and would love to try its reds. Packaging is nice as well.
Rivaj UK - One of their reds is my staple. They're semi-matte creamy and last for good 5-6 hours. I found that particular shade to be very moisturizing as well. Impressed.

Lip Scrub:
DIY Recipe - There are different versions available online involving vaseline, honey, sugar, etc. However, the one I always resorted to is - Apply Glysolid (or Vaseline) sparingly on your lips for abour 20 or more minutes. Then, take any 100% pure oil (1 Tbsp) with 2 Tbsp of Sugar (not the refined one). Wet a soft bristle tooth brush and lightly scrub the mixture using the brush on your lips. The dead skin comes right off. You can skip the brush and use fingers as well if you wish OR even skip the sugar/oil mixture and just scrub the soft tooth brush lighly on your lips. Make sure your lips are moistened well with the petroleum jelly and don't go overboard with the power scrubbing :-P


Nail Polishes:
Christine - I gave a raving review for one of the Christine polishes. So longlasting that it's not even funny. Thumbs up!
NX Nail Polish - The brown and nude shades have been a delight. They didn't chip easy and stayed glossy for 4-5 days.
Essence Nude Glam - For everyday usage, I loved wearing these.
Color Studio Professional - Most versatile budget-buy in nail polishes. These have been LOVE. 
Luscious Diamond Finish - I don't love their formula as much as the last summer's designer range ones, but particularly the orange-red color has gorgeous finish.
There are countless local ones that may have worked wonderfully for you, but I have limited experience. The Essence Color and Go nail colors are PKR 20 over budget, but trust me, they're worth every single penny. Superb. 

Nail Polish Remover:
Sally Hansen Nail Polish Remover - I'm not sure about the accessibility all over Pakistan, but I bought this from Roop Singhar, Liberty, Lahore and this is my HG nail polish remover. For the price around 200, I got 250ml of the remover. It doesn't have overpowering alcohol scent - I mean it still has it, but that doesn't irritate me. If you're able to lay hands on it, by all means DO!
Medora Nail Polish Remover - It's your basic nail polish remover which doesn't perform any magic, but adequately remove your nail polish. I've had issues in removing nail colors with top & base coats with this. Nothing major, though. Extra scrubbing.


Dettol - It was a staple since I discovered it. Toss it in your makeup bag and two drops can really restore the fresh clean feeling to your hands. I did move on to better versions like Bath & Body Works, but these still are excellent budget alternatives.

Deodorant Stick:
Lady Speed Stick - For underarms, these have comfortable matte finish & long lasting fragrance that will be your best bud in Summers & Winters alike.

Body Moisturizer:
Vaseline Lotion - Although all variants including the men's one is nice, I give my word for the pink one - Healthy White Lightening - that have been my household staple since it launched in Pakistan. 
Glysolid or Vaseline - These have been another staple for my family as long as I remember. They're multi-purpose. And in a desi household, such things become even more MULTI-purpose :-D Anyhow, a must-have. 
Creme 21 - For body, this has been another of our family favorites. <3 I guess my family is really into moisturizers everyone can share :-D Well, that's how it used to be - one product for all. Before all the frills and segmentations :-)

Deodorant Body Spray:
Now that's a matter of personal preference (in terms of the scent), but few of my favorites have been:
Impulse - Very handy for the handbag due to their size.
Sure - One of the best anti-perspirants I've used.
Elegance - Longlasting fragrance
Yardley - Very vintage feel to them, even in fragrance.
Fa - Their blue one's my favorite <3 An older version with white bottle and green cap was a reminder of D&G Light Blue :-) such bliss :-)

Hair Removing:
Veet Hair Removal Cream - The blue one for sensitive skin is the best-suited for me.
Rivaj UK Wax Strips - I've tried Veet & Nair wax strips because the hot wax irritates my skin, but the results of Rivaj one have been unparalleled till now.

Shower Gel:
LUX Shower Gel - I'm sure LUX has been a household staple for all of us in Pakistan. Similarly, their shower gel doesn't cease to impress. It gives a soft clean feel, while several high-end shower gels end up being greasy - which bugs me :-/
Fa* - There are imported versions of this at different prices, but I got one from Metro, Lahore which proved to be a good summer-friend with its refreshing fragrance. I've still put an asterisk because I'm not sure of its availability and pricing elsewhere.


These would still depend on what your hair type & need is, but some of the hits for me would be:
Sunsilk Hair Fall Defense - It didn't live up to the hairfall claims 100%, but made my hair soft & manageable.
Garnier Fructis Fall & Fight - This was one of the best shampoo experiences. I rarely continue the same shampoo, but this I used 3 bottles of. Good one!
Head & Shoulders Refresh Mint - I liked the minty refreshing feeling in Summers ^_^ !

Pantene Anti-Hairfall Conditioner - My Mom's favorite.
Sunsilk Hair Fall Defense - Her second favorite. Makes hair smooth and silky!
Dover Hair Fall Rescue - I didn't like it in conjunction with the shampoo, but it did work awesome with other shampoos that I used.
[too much hair fall stuff, LOL]

Hair Oil:
That's where our desi totkas skyrocket. And rightfully so. I'd also recommend using 100% natural oils available. Still, if you'd want to experiment, my two budget helpers were:
Dabur Amla Oil - Been using since childhood, doesn't fail to nourish my hair.
Vatika Olive Oil - The scent of this oil is heavenly and after a pre-shampoo oiling from this, I don't need conditioning. <3
A consolation prize would be for Saeed Ghani Maghziaat oil, but never touch your head against the wall, pillow, clothes, etc. because it leaves a sick reddish stain....[which might tell your Mom that you slept without washing hair, even when she repeatedly asked you to... :-$]


This took longer than I thought and I tried to be as thorough and exhaustive as I could be. Will keep updating this list with your suggestions and my future finds. This post was like a Marathon and I was the unprepared fat guy running in it. There were times when I thought to give up or do the "khana-puri"...and at other times I saw lights in front of the tunnel of my eyes... but at least, and at last... this is done! For now.

I'd love to hear your feedback if you find something useful in this. Please do suggest your absolute beauty finds in this budget.




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  2. This was one amazing read Bia! I have personally tried few of the mentioned products & they work brilliantly specially the Olivia kajal is such a steal! x

    1. Thanks a billion, Zubia. Some of these are really stellar! Better than most expensive products, in certain cases!

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    1. I'm literally blushing and smiling like "ab tau aap sharminda kar rahi hain" :-D
      You were, are, and will always be someone I look up to in blogging! And there are some comments that make your day ^_^ this one had me flying :-D
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    1. *takes a bow*
      Your appreciation means a lot. Hopefully I can help someone have some good picks from these :-)

  9. Great post bia. Thats some research. I would like to add Rivaj Uk eyeshadow sealer to the primers list. Will post its review today IA. for the price i paid, it does wonders.

    1. Thank you so much! And would definitely love to read your review of that! <3

  10. OMG.. I can imagine how time consuming and hectic this post would have been... Hats off to you for writing such a comprehensive post for the convenience of your readers .. :) Great picks, this is so helpful....!!!

    1. Awww... Thank you for acknowledging and appreciating. The research bit was frustrating because we don't have much info online and I didn't want to appear incomplete. There are still gaps in this... but I hope together we can do something to help the readers out there :-)

  11. Very nice post.. i can see a lot of MUA stuff here :) they are sure good quality and affordable.

    1. Yes, MUA is LOVE! A proper accessible brand which is low-priced, yet delivers well - that's the dream :-)

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  14. Let me start out by saying how much I love this and your hard work! You hadn't blogged for some days and I could sense you were working on something MASSIVE! Wonderful job Bia! <3 Clean and clear moisturiser and toner my absolute fav! I like Vaseline Cocoa Glow body lotion in winters it's very nourishing. Pond's white beauty cleansing milk I use on my feet and arms :D Dove body washes are great and creamy and small bottle is under 250.. Pond's acne scrub and Garnier Long & Strong conditioner are awesome too but I think they are crossing that 250 boderline a little. I have MUA lipgloss in shade 5 it's veryy pretty. Beauty UK has good quality affordable stuff too but just4girls.pk doesn't keep alot of it anymore. I love these lists! I'm working on some myself ^_^ wish you all the best <3

    1. Usually, I have one comment that makes the whole tiring day worth it... now... this is the second! JayBee, you've always been very kind! <3 Your picks are great. I'll add Dove body wash to this... I actually used a big bottle, which was a gift from someone. That truly makes your body skin soft & smooth. Love it! <3

    2. Awwww really? <3 I always get the small one cause I get tired of the smell and love trying out different stuff ^_^ I'm planning on getting that Pond's white beauty face wash.. btw, you mentioned Atiqa Odho.. do you know where that's available?

    3. Yes! My shower gels last forever because I keep trying different stuff!
      Atiqa Odho is available at few selected stores. You can contact the Facebook page and inquire about their availability. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Odho-Cosmetics

  15. well i always considered PKR250 too less for shopping until now.Great post.I love all the recommendations.very well researched post.thumbs up.xoxo

    1. It was a challenge indeed. I initially planned on doing one under PKR 500, but that would have been too broad. Wanted to do something for budget-constraint shoppings :-)
      I'm glad you liked it! Really!!

  16. Bravo!!! Veri nice, I am already a fan. Sweet touch nail polishes are a steal for price n wide range.

    1. I've never personally used Sweet Touch, but one of my best friends uses its nail polishes. She has one of the best looking hands and nails, and I used to think ANY nail polish will suit her :D So I guess I have to give some credit to the nail polishes too :P

      And THANK YOU!!!

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    1. Thank you so much, Rakhshan <3 I really am humbled by your appreciation. Haha, it seems like a rehearsed thankyounote :P But I truly feel blessed by the love and support you guys give through comments. Alhamdulilah.

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