Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Versatile Blogger Award

Even when there is no souvenir or tangible memnto of the blogger awards, each one of them is very dear to me! <3 The lovely Ana Ahmed of Ana's Journal nominated me The Versatile Blogger Award a couple of days ago and I'm sincerely thankful for her consideration ^_^ ! Thanks, love! P.S. I tried commenting on the post, but Google Plus keeps messing up. e-hugs for you!

So, as a part of the Versatile Blogger Award, you have to adhere to the following:

- Share a badge of The Versatile Blogger Award on your profile to let your readers know :-) (I will be custom-making one to fit the specs and style of my blog)
- Link and mention the lovely blogger who nominated you (Cheers again, Ana!!)
- Nominate 15 bloggers deserving the blog award (I'll share those dearies at the end of this post)
- Share 7 INTERESTING THINGS about yourself (Haha! WoW)

I have shared a lot of semi-interesting info about me in different ways. For instance, the 11 Random Facts About Me in the Liebester Award Post. Let's see how I can add something of substance ^_^ !!

  1. I have VERY sharp memory (even though it is degenerating now, I feel). I vividly remember some memories/emotions/words from early childhood - as young as 2 years old. This makes me a keen observer and a bad person to pick a fight with.
  2. I'm a fast learner with a lazy attitude. When Bill Gates said "I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way of doing it." - this applies quite perfectly on me. :-D
  3. I'm full of ideas and opinion - but I procrastinate in execution. In my Mom's words - "Zuban jitni marzi chalwa lo iss se, lekin tray bed se side-table pe bhi nahin rakhay gi" :-P Nothing to be proud of in this.
  4. I'm a talker generally as well, but BOY, see me nervous talk! :-D I'll go on and on and on and on... it's almost like an out-of-body experience. I meant I'll be blabbering on while my "soul" will float out of my body and "look" at myself talking endlessly and say "what the hell, dude! Shut up!! Don't spill the State secrets! Stop already, dumbo! You're only making it worse. Ssshhh"
  5. Can't hold back my tears. I bawl. I always see film/TV people with a glycerine-induced tear while looking so pretty... I wonder who's like that in real life. I am not exaggerating when I say I am an UGLY cry-er. Have you seen clowns with red noses, mine turns red and stays red...for quite long. So, it's easier to track I've been crying. If someone were to ask me, "Did you cry?", I'll start again :-D
  6. I like the idea of personalized fun. I could be at the bestest place in the world and not enjoy the regular stuff. Instead, being with the right company without the "great" atmosphere will be totally worth it. Not a party person. To quote an example, I went to Malaysia on a work-trip. The Petronas Twin Towers were clearly visible from the hotel window two-three buildings away. Since we didn't have much time at our hands after the hectic full-day schedule, I preferred staying in the hotel room and talk/laugh my *** off with my bestie, instead of visiting Petronas with random groups.
  7. I've been the designated shrink/psychologist for my friends who need to "talk stuff out". I like that! :-)
Can't say if you find these "interesting", but I am running out of the fun facts :-D

Now, my nominations are:

JayBee of JayBee's Journal
Huda of The Lipstickholic
Huda (Senior) of The Sparkling Makeup Blog
Fatemah of MS Designer Wear
Nida of Nida's Beauty Bag
Hira and Maria of The Sisters Go Shopping
Jee Bee of Jee'z Blog
Shehrzad of Pretty Peachy and Pink
Laila of The Happy Therapy
Samra of Samra's Beauty Blog
Jadirah of Jasmine Catches Butterflies
Bakhtawar of Beauty Mayhem
Fia of i Lovely
Mahrukh of Makeup Shakeups

Would love to read your posts, ladies, don't forget to share the link back in the comments below! <3




  1. Enjoyed reading your answers..and we have so much in common...Thanks for nominating me dear I'll be posting the the award on my blog soon :)

  2. Thanks for nominating sweets. Will do a post soon :) xoxo

  3. I can't hold back my tears too! I can sooo relate to that red clown nose part :D It turns into a tomato and stays that way for 30 minutes atleast! 'Jabeen why are you crying?' This makes me cry even more ^_^ Thanks for nominating me! <3 Can always count on you for bloggie support :)

  4. emotional...check,psychiatrist for friends...check,a talker...check,remember fine details,the ones which come in handy during fights...check.Hello there.we are alot like each other.By alot i mean A LOT.The answers were fun and funny.Enjoyed the post a lot..Love you.xoxoxo Thanks for the tag.Can i share an old post on this tag? hehe .Feeling kinda lazy :P

  5. enjoyed reading ur post dear n yes we can relate .. i love to talk too ;)

  6. It was GREAT reading all your answers Bia, now it sounds corny but we also share many traits in common haha.

  7. Hey that's ME, yes every single u told about U is what I was before my shadi, endless emotional cries, red nosed clown...lolz, fun at anytime, without atmosphere, endless talker, the nervous one... I loved being LAZY whene ever get time at my hand, but my friends used to envy my energy, my struggle and my creativity, I was full of ideas too, still am...lolz, but tab I had no oppurtunity and money, and now I dont have time :p lolz... Not a party person myslef every single word is ME...lolz Bia... thanks for sharing u reminded me of my youth :p not that I am old now, but not as old as to be called "Senior" lolz... Thanks for tagging me :)

  8. We've got so much in common! :D Thanks for tagging me dear! It was lovely reading your post. :) x

    Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  9. Thank you so much honey, Love to know u <3


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