Saturday, October 18, 2014

MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection Lipsticks

Let's take a moment to dedicate this specific post - rather the whole blog - to my Mom. She has been the ultimate "begrudging" support throughout the photography and swatch-fest. It's her birthday today and I want her to know she will always be my absolute love and my muse :-* <3 I can't count the times when I have swatched on her arms, hands, legs, and face while she's been asleep :-P I can't even count the times I have been threatened to be made into minced meat if I bought one more beauty item. Since I didn't watch TV and used to be away from home for study...and then work, this blogging and including my Mom in the process made me reconnect with her and spend quality time. It's not the same blogging alone, but I make sure I bug her every time I go back to my hometown. Lots of love and prayers for you, Ma!

When I viewed MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection packaging before its released, I was mesmerized. All I wanted was to pre-order these babies, but resisted my unhealthy desires to hoard makeup. I saved up and made the decision to take the plunge - only problem - These went out of stock everywhere! ugh! Up popped the eBay resellers who were charging high. Anyway, I told myself, if it's meant to be, it'll happen. And guess what, on my Eid visit to Lahore, I found these beauties at none other than AL-FATAH! I casually asked the cosmetics counter out of habit if something new has come. The sulky salesperson took out these beauties and said "yeh teen hain". A girl behind me was also attracted to the packaging. He said these three are the last pieces. That is the FASTEST impulse purchase I did :-P LoL! The third one was also a lipstick from the same collection, but that shade was too off for me, so i grabbed these two. Sadly, they didn't have the blush, otherwise I would have taken that one as well. Last time I checked, the mono eyeshadows and the bronzer was also in stock there. That was 2 months ago, though. Both Al-Fatah Liberty and DHA had these for PKR 2,200 (if I remember correctly). My Mom gifted one as Eidi and I couldn't be happier! I have been using these regularly since. Let's see how I feel about them:

MAC Alluring Aquatic was a Limited Edition collection launched by MAC Cosmetics for Summer 2014. More so than the product itself, the pre-release buzz was related to the interesting take on its packaging. What many - including me - perceived those droplets was just a picture gimmick. Hell no! They're 3D water droplets that you can very much feel. One blog commented before its release that you would be able to feel the cool feeling of water on these droplets. Well, that's taking it too far. 

The Alluring Aquatic Collection had Matte, Frost, Cremesheen, and Lustre finish lipsticks available. Each retailed for $17.50 (just $1.5 more than the permanent line). The two shades that I got were Cremesheen finish. For all those who don't know, this is a pigmented creamy finish. Not glossy or glittery, but a comfortable cream finish. 

Goddess of the Sea - A creamy purple color with magenta undertones. It's not a true plum or pink - something you can't dupe easily. Good to have in your collection. 

Mystical - A muted rose-brown color. It has neutral pink undertones which is not your regular nude lipstick, but those who feel nudes wash them out, this can be a good daily color.

The packaging shape is the same as the standard MAC lipstick packaging, except it is mettalic with the water droplets. I simply can't overstate my liking for the gorgeous gorgeous packaging. Even the metallic color is interesting to have in your stash. Believe me, I took several pictures in weird angles to appreciate the lipsticks. These are just few relevant ones :-P

I wish I had better pictures of the swatches, but there was swatch-a-thon going on and I skipped on few things. The airbrushed glitter you see on my Mom's arm is the residue of highlighter and baked blush swatches :-P It's taken in indoor light with flash, so the colors appear brighter and lighter. Imagine the Goddess of the Sea (L) to be deeper and more plummy than the swatch. As for the Mystical (R), it is more muted rosy color in natural light. 

After a whole session of begging my Mom and promising certain things, I was able to get my Mom's consent for lip swatching on her :-P That's a one-time thing though :-) Heeeeerre you go:

The lipstick doesn't have any noticeable fragrance. My Mom has less pigmented lips than me, so the rose-pink color looks more obvious in her lip swatch. My slightly darker lips make it appear more brownish than the color above. It's gorgeous, nonetheless. The pigmentation isn't opaque in first swipe, but still rich and creamy. The swatch above has two swipes. It is one of those lipsticks that you can apply with most of your clothes and makeup looks. It is a subtle color which doesn't scream bold, yet it's not understated like nudes. I have worn this at work as well as formal events with/without lip primer. The wear time with primer is 4+ hours and without primer it is 3-4 hours. This holds true if you don't eat or drink excessively. However, a little munching and sipping won't make it fade too soon. It doesn't accentuate dry patches or lip lines, as you can see. I don't find it quite moisturizing, but comfortable enough to wear in all weathers. This one doesn't feather on our lips, but if you're prone to it, I suggest using a lip-liner underneath. Reapplying it isn't a hassle, but I am lazy at it. The color fades away evenly and I often rub my lips together (like the typical lipstick blending movement) for the color to even out more while it's wearing off. That makes it more uniform. I'm smitten, if you can't tell already!

Goddess of the Sea
Again, an awesome color in my stash. However, I love it less than Mystical so far. I haven't had much chance of wearing it yet. It's a color very FALL/WINTER and I would be wearing this over the colder weather. Also, this isn't your typical desi lipstick shade - it's a plus and a minus. Although a new color to have in your collection, but I have to think while coordinating the makeup and outfit with it. On my lips, it leans more purple, while my it looks more magenta/plum on my Mom's lips. It's sheerer than Mystical. You need atleast three swipes for an even opaque coverage. It doesn't settle in fine lines, but accentuates the dry patches (as you can tell). Mainly, it was because I rubbed a lipstick off the lips before applying this one. Otherwise, it hasn't caused such problem with a primer or little lip exfoliation. The wear-time is the same as Mystical, but it does sometimes fade from inside the lip due to eating, making it seem like a glossy lip liner :-) I don't mind that though. Carry it for touch-ups, y'all. Here's my individual verdict on this:

Let me know if you have used these - how'd you think these fared? Which MAC Limited Edition have been your favorite? I have another MAC Limited Edition lipstick featured soon on the blog.




  1. The packaging is so unique and brilliant! (O_O) Lovely shades. I really like that warm rosy one :) Great review as always :)

  2. Wow am droooooooling over the packaging...its gorgeous...and lovely shades..they definitely look moisturizing.. :)

  3. Beautiful colors with wonderful packaging :)

  4. goddess of sea.... Im dead... want it!!! Wow... gone crazy wow n mystical ... want that tooo
    Happy birthday to your Mom... much love n respect her way!

  5. Lovely photography honey esp the droplets of water.It so matches the theme.Great review and the lippies look lovely on you

  6. love the packaging... its OOS every where :(


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