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Makeup Revolution POWDER Blush

Makeup Revolution introduced 4 types of blushes as a part of their regular/permanent collection - Lacquer, Powder, Cream, and Baked. I reviewed their VIVID Lacquer Blush here, and will now be sharing my expeience about the powder blushes. I'm a super-fan of powder blushes. This is my go-to finish for both day and night. A good powder formula doesn't let settle in your pores, it's easier to blend, and lasts longer. Yeah, and the unicorns, leprechauns, and tooth fairies are real. Is the perfect formula so elusive? Let's check how Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes fared on my high expectations:

Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes are available exclusively at Reforma.PK and Daraz.PK for a price tag of PKR 225. There are 6 shades in the range - Wow!, Hot!, Now!, Sugar, Treat, and Love. I do like that they have NAMES, and not those prisoner or case file numbers - 1 2 3. They come in a round pan with a clear plastic lid. Although I have not dropped any of them yet *touchwood*, they do appear somewhat sturdy (yet they're not heavy). I'd still be careful of carrying them in my bag if I have the habit of hurling that big "zumbeel" you college girls carry.
*been there, done that*

My first impressions seeing the product were - They don't look anything like the online pictures. Just as I felt about the VIVID Lacquer blushes, these also look awfully similar when you first see them. That's no biggie though. When you open and swatch these, you get to figure out the differences in the shades. If you want to see what the shades look like before you purchase (A) You have me. And my swatches :-P (B) Visit Makeup Revolution for individual shades on a fair-medium skin. That ought to give you guys an idea.

The Makeup Revolution promises intense color payoff which would last all day long. Just for a British buck. Whether or not they deliver on the first part of the claim, we shall get to that. What I'm pleased about the quality you get for a GBP 1 or PKR 225 product. The blushes were finely-milled and better quality than the local (or even some international) brands that I have in my stash.

WOW! looks like a cool-toned pink in the pan.
HOT! is a warm bright pink.
LOVE appears to be neutral (almost brown) color in the pan
NOW! has those Fall mauve undertones with a hint of plum
SUGAR is rosy-pink with brown undertones
TREAT looks neutral peach with warmer undertones

Direct Natural Light

Indirect Natural Light
Here are the swatches in direct natural light. I know HOT! is missing in the swatch collection. I was sorting the cream blushes aside and put the HOT! shade in that stash before I figured what a dum-dum I have been. So, I had to set up again and take an individual swatch for that.

Can you guess what blush(es) I love from the collection?

Did I hear a "pink blush"? Yes. Yes. I love my pinks. Out of these, I have used WOW! the most because it matches my natural pink blush. Perfect for daily wear. For nights and flash photography, I love HOT! Both of them are supremely pigmented. That's a huge thumbs up for me!

These were my predictable loves, but what STOLE MY HEART is the TREAT blush! Just look at that beauty. That gorgeous gorgeous surprise. I tried capturing its essence, but the swatch doesn't do it justice:

I know what most of us would conclude - Ugh! Yet another dupe of the iconic NARS Orgasm. No, kind ladies. It is NOT a dupe! For one, it has strong warm orange base, NARS has a pink-gold one. Also, Orgasm is sort of duo-chrome. This one simply has glitter. I'm not trying to undermine Treat, it's simply that this one is not a dupe. I personally feel that Treat would flatter desi skin tones even more! The medium and dark skin tones are going to rock this blush way more. Those who complained that Orgasm doesn't seem pigmented on their skin can try this as well. The place where I swatched Treat on my arm has a big brown scar. Now, if you'd focus at the zoomed out swatch, you might be able to see, but did you notice before? It's easier to miss that because the pigmentation of the blush is awesome. I found the presence of noticeable glitter just in this particular shade. The others appear satin/matte for me. I'm not a chunky glitter fan, but this one is finely milled within the blush that you don't notice it in the pan either. It blends well with the skin, without highlighting your flaws. It didn't cover or highlight my pores either. The deeper shade of orange-peach can be worn around summers AND winters. I have high cheek bones, so this photographs very well even when I overdo it. Although, I won't recommend putting a whole lot on if you have light-fair skin tone.

SUGAR, LOVE, and NOW! have decent pigmentation as well. However, Sugar and Love appeared a very teeny weeny bit powdery when I was swatching it. Love and Now! are both beautiful shades that I see myself wearing with my bold lipsticks - when I want my lipsticks to be the center of attention, and not my round potato cheeks :-)

All blush shades gave a decent wear time. It would not be "all day", but 4-5 hours without the need to retouch is fairly good. This is an average time, though. I wore HOT! for good 7 hours. It did fade a little, but I appreciate that because I'm a fan of "absorbed" natural makeup. I didn't notice if these did anything to oil-control on my face but none of these settle in my pores.

I'm psyched over the fact that if you want regular colors, you can easily get them for a cheap price for everyday usage. You're welcome, college/university girls :-P I'm surely going to update them in my Beauty Finds Under PKR 250.

Well, my verdict is pretty much clear from how I was gushing on and on about these:

Makeup Revolution Powder Blush range is available exclusively at Reforma.PK and Daraz.PK for PKR 225, so you can these delivered at your doorstep without any hassle. There are many exciting product launches in the pipeline by Makeup Revolution Pakistan, so stay tuned via their social media page.

UPDATE: I used these over Eid. Treat and Hot! Both blushes performed exceptionally well. The golden glisten of Treat was not too obvious after certain wear time, but the peachy blush stayed on. Even through sweat and constant oil blotting.

Let me know if you have tried any powder blush from Makeup Revolution yet. If not, which color impresses you the most? Let's hear it from you, ladies.



Disclaimer: This post may contain PR samples given for review. The opinions expressed are unbiased & honest depending upon my experience.


  1. Now, Love and treat look gorgeous, nice review :)

  2. these look lovely! I really want to try some of their blushes now, and the baked blushes too!

  3. Love those swatches :D I need to get 2 blush in shade hot and treat :D

  4. Lovely post, treat is my favorite :)

  5. You turned my big NO to a big YES for these blushes... n yes thanks to you as these swatches are SO helpful n tempting too :*

  6. Loved the detailed review bia ....hats off to you i must say made making a choice easier for everyone including me

  7. Love the treat one its super gorgeous :)

  8. Love this post! I just got the HOT! one and i love it! Im thinking to get more colors, im obsessed with blushes! x

    - Rida

  9. wow the swatches look so pretty.My fav is Love.Awesome review honey

  10. Thank you soooo much for this really detailed post! It helped me so much! <3
    Greetings from Germany! ^.^

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  12. I love Hot and its the only one I have in my swatch. Great detailed review. I adore the way you write especially the funny statements you put in your writing.


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