Thursday, October 23, 2014

Makeup Revolution CREAM Blush

I'm in a blush galore and I am loving it! Earlier in the Makeup Revolution blush series, I reviewed VIVID Lacquer Blush and Powder Blush collections. Onto the next finish now - Makeup Revolution Cream Blushes. Even when I am avid fan of powder blushes, a cream blush was the first blush I tried... and loved. Well, it was "kind" of a cream blush. My Mom was not much into makeup, but she loved her lipsticks. No matter what she put on, she'd rock it...even the most bizarre shades of brown with frost. She used to get ready in record 2 minutes for everything. In her quick change act, which I call it now, she's double her lipstick as her blush as well. I don't know how many people do that now. Although there are several hygienic question marks now, she totally dodged that bullet (fortunately). Seeing her, I once used a red lipstick to make round "O"s on my cheeks and tried blending them with my fingers. It spread all over and I couldn't reach the mirror to see it well. I did a second layer of "O" circles and the lipstick broke. My Mom entered the room at that very unfortunate event. Sadly, I was 6 and fat. Couldn't outrun my Mom. 
The red stain of lipstick took a day or so to completely wash off.
So did the redness of the slap-parade.

LOL. I may have exaggerated it a bit :-D Coming back to the Cream blushes, I rediscovered my love for them recently when I would simply use NYX cream blush on-the-go without having to spend time in front of mirror to carefully apply & blend the powder blushes. Let's see what I thought of the Makeup Revolution Cream Blushes:

Makeup Revolution Cream Blush (PKR 375) is available at Reforma.PK and Daraz.PK in 4 shades:

Caramel Shake - A muted rosy-pink shade with brown undertones
Frambroise Shake - A barbie-pink with slightly lavender-blue undertones
Peach Cream - A standard light peach-orange color
Rose Cream - A deeper pink color with rosy undertones

These blushes come in a clear plastic lid packaging similar to Makeup Revolution Powder Blushes. The only difference is that the lid states "Cream Blush" for these and just "Blush" for the powder ones. It's easier to miss that slight indication when you have them together in your stash. Precisely the reason why I missed swatching HOT! shade in my previous review the together with other blushes. I'm happy to report that the plastic lid closes securely to my satisfaction and I'm not sure if I mentioned this in the Powder Blush review, but these blushes have a tiny clear sticker tape attached at the lid lock/clasp area - indicating it's a fresh piece. Although, once they launch the products in-store, I have seen SA and customers opening the tiny tape to swatch the product, if the testers are not available. Keep a check on that, ladies. Don't ruin a fresh item or buy an opened piece.

The product claims to have an easy-to-apply formula which can give a natural and smooth finish to your cheeks. It's a long-lasting formula which can be layered up for more color payoff.  Let's have a look at the colors in the pan and their swatches to comment on these claims by Makeup Revolution:

Caramel Shake

Frambroise Shake

Peach Cream

Rose Cream

I'm head over heels in love with the pigmented formula of these blushes. Among all the cream blushes I have applied till date, these have color payoffs at par with the more expensive brands. My beef with the cream finish is that some blushes are somewhat tacky and appear too dewy or oily on my skin. Especially in Summers, when my face would be a greaseball, the cream blush wouldn't help. The constant blotting would also wipe off the cream blush as it sits on top of my skin. I would find that rather annoying, especially in the office. While I was swatching these, I had all my blushes in a the trolley being directly exposed to the sun for over 2 hours. Usually, the cream finish gathers some moisture or oil droplets due to the heat, but these remained perfectly okay. It wasn't the test I orchestrated, but was pleased with the results.

The finish of these blushes is creamy semi-matte, as you might be able to see in the pictures. The formula didn't melt or be drying. You can say it's a thicker version of the Vivid Lacquer blushes by Makeup Revolution. The pigmentation was fairly consistent across all four shades. For these swatches, I swiped thrice with the brush, so you can see that three layers almost made it opaque. If I'd still have to pick, Peach Cream was relatively less opaque than the others by probably 10-15% Not a deal-breaker.

Since it's very pigmented and I don't like to cause any streaks on my foundation, I use the stipling brush to apply these lightly to my cheeks. Usually a layer is enough, but if I know I'd be taking flash photographs, I make it more intense with two layers, perhaps. Again, I recommend caution while doing that with brighter colors. I like the fact that I'd be using all four shades to the max in my daily office routine. Winters are coming, so this is the high time to make best out of these blushes. We still have few days of heat & sweat left in Karachi and Lahore for me to try these out in warmer weathers. So far, they have impressed me what they're offering and the claims have been reasonably fulfilled by the product.

UPDATE: I took Peach Cream and Caramel Shake along with me over the Eid. Caramel Shake was applied on ladies aged 4 till 65 :-P It looked oh-so-natural, without the PINK BLUSH CIRCLES. I think I might be falling in love with neutral blushes after this. Does this count as cheating on my pink blushes? :-D Peach Cream was a hit as well. Not too peachy when applied lightly. It was also like a neutral blush without in-your-face color pop.

Makeup Revolution Cream Blush collection is available at Reforma.PK and Daraz.PK for PKR 375. I'd love to hear what you guys think about the cream blushes, in general! Have you tried the Makeup Revolution yet?



Disclaimer: This post may contain PR samples given for review. The opinions expressed are unbiased & honest depending upon my experience.


  1. Thanks for the lovely review Bia :) I just ordered peach cream and frambroise shake, can't wait to get mine :)

  2. Wow I really wanna try my hands on these now esp the caramel shake thanks for swatches you are helping the humanity... lolz I mean the beauty brigade

  3. Beautiful. I am drooling over these blushes. Pretty pigmented and look at the colors. Your related stories are always fun to read.

    Sahar- The cozy fashionista

  4. All shades look amazing, specially caramel shake and rose cream are superb :)

  5. Oh mind your reviews always tempt me to buy more of their products.. Nicely reviewed.. :) I am loving the shades peach cream and caramel shake... <3

  6. All the swatches are lovely. Specially peach cream.

  7. Haha, loved the cute little story at the beginning! These look oh so amazing and I'm so tempted to try these out! <3 x

  8. I love cream blushes but sadly don't own one haha -.- I love the colors and swatches ! Great review :)

    Hi from a new reader and blogger!

  9. brilliant shades.I m gona buy the caramel one.lovely post

  10. Uwielbiam twojego bloga!! :D I love your blog!! Regrads from Poland :*

  11. I think I like caramel shake more but all are beautiful.


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